Build a Computer Lab


If you plan to teach subjects using computers for your training programs, then you need to have a computer lab that shall be equipped with a number of computers for use by students and trainees.

As such, it may be a bit expensive to set-up a computer lab because it may involve quite a bit of an investment but once it is established, it will not be difficult to maintain it.

Develop your own design

The design of your computer lab must cater to your needs with primary consideration to the area, number of computers, acoustics, seating arrangements and a whole lot more.

If you have a choice of which room you will need for your lab, then you may be able to understand how you need to equip it as well in terms power outlets, how many tables and computers will you fit in and probably also a wall area where all workstations will be facing and installed with a wide-projection screen for visualized instructions and other presentations.

Having a 1:1 ratio of person to computer is ideal, especially for most of the learning sessions nowadays like e-learning, training simulations and web conferencing, among others.

Choosing an ideal area

It is important to note that having a square or rectangular room for your computer lab is way better compared to rooms with irregular shapes. Having an irregular shaped room may eat up a lot of wasted spaces since it may be difficult to uniformly arrange computer tables and chairs and could also affect line of vision with the trainer or affect audio reception, as well.

Also, make sure the room has ample ventilation and if the room is air-conditioned, it should also have appropriate ventilation for proper circulation of air, especially since hardware devices also generate heat on top of the warm bodies available in the room.

Also, it would be ideal to a room located along a quiet area in a building to make it more conducive to learning and instruction.

Choosing your hardware

Acquiring your hardware is also an essential part of your computer lab. If you can afford to get premium computer units, you might as well get premium materials since it can guarantee you more quality and reliability. Premium items also come with an extensive warranty so that you can also be assured of immediate support in the event of hardware of product issues that may occur.

If the budget may not be enough to get all advanced equipment, you could acquire a couple high-end units and the rest can be mid-range yet reliable brands. This can help you save money and at the same time, you may expect after-sales support for your hardware.

Physical set-up and appliances

The same attention to your lab’s appliances may apply. It would be ideal to get good quality appliances to ensure reliability and quality. Remember that everything in your computer lab is expected to be working more than the usual usage due to training or classes, so make sure that you have everything well worth the investment.

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