The complexities that Computer Science can handle.


Computer science has become the fastest leading industry in terms of production and career advancement for many people. Computer science is basically the study of theoretical principles, experimentation methods, and engineering concepts that make up the computer systems. These remarkable computer systems represent the faces of technology through the invention of CPU.

With regard to computer science, central processing unit (CPU) is essentially
regarded as the brain of a computer where it carries out all the processing functions together with other parts of the machine. Computer science covers a wide range of areas by which all focus on developing software and hardware systems. Some interesting topics about computer science include network analysis, software design, logical algorithms, network security, and more.

Individuals who will pursue computer science are expected to develop logical thinking, investigatory skill, and in-depth knowledge of all systems related to computers. From systems architecture and mathematical languages, computers have dramatically evolved to become an essential part of modern day living.

Disciplines of computer science

Computer science offers a comprehensive range of subject matters involving all processes of computation, applications, and continuous innovations of computer systems. It involves mathematical foundations where computers can be connected through networking systems. There are also patterns of mathematical procedures for computer science undertaken through the process of an algorithm.

Another interesting field of computer science is cryptography where programmers can create or break codes using complex numerical data, algebra, and number coding theories. Along the way, computer programmers are also expected to develop network security systems to protect the computer from unauthorized access, hacking activities, and computer viruses. They are required to have patience, strong analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

CPU components and sub-systems are also part of computer science where hardware design, organization, and functionality of computer systems are involved. To complement these computer parts, operating systems are utilized for managing installed computer programs. This would allow different software programs to be installed and removed from the computer system.

Computer science in relation to artificial intelligence

With strong aspirations of man to invent systems that actually work like a human, computer science has its own share through the creation of AI systems. Artificial intelligence is developed to mimic human brain activities in the form of automated reasoning and relevant interpretation through computer programming. It is used in many computer-based machines that provide a visual output based on detection and tracking capability.

Another interesting contribution of computer science to artificial intelligence is the voice or speech recognition. This feature enables the machine to function upon recognizing human speech or verbal instruction. Smartphones and GPS devices are few examples of this advanced technology. There are also software programs available that could produce transcripts from uploaded audio file sources.

Computer science found its way to analyze and generate voices exactly like humans by means of natural language processing. Also, the use of robotic systems is fully developed to facilitate faster production and manufacturing processes.

Applications of computer science

For many reasons, computer science is not just about computer programming but also part of daily life activities for many of us today. In relation to web surfing, the use of algorithms and parallel computing systems make it easy to provide search results when you type in your keywords. Database systems, parallel computing, and web crawling enable tech companies to store millions of information coming from webpages and social media accounts.

Computer graphics provide all the great visual effects and real-time game scene environment in most video games today. Additionally, network systems enable online gamers to play simultaneously and interact with one another in one computer server. Networking protocols and error detection system make uploading and downloading of files easy from anywhere in the world.

With all these above-mentioned scenarios, they were all made possible through the wonders of computer science. From searching the web, playing interactive video games, or interacting through social media sites, computer science would totally change our modern way of life.

Computer science as a profession

The field of computer science is focused primarily on theoretical and practical disciplines of computer programming. Programming is the scientific writing of computer systems using letters and numbers as a programming language to produce computer codes. Typical programmers spend more than half of their daily lives, staring in front of the monitor. They usually have the same working environment with corporate offices like banking industries and system developers. However, these programmers still do the same project at home upon leaving the offices.

In some cases, many IT companies and gaming developers invest to create a fun-based working environment to compensate the long working hours of their programmers in front of the monitor. They fill up some areas of the office with playground themes, sleep-in cubicle slots, and cozy lounges. Some computer programmers may receive better pay according to their level of expertise and working experience.

More than the computer skills they have, computer science experts are expected to solve many computational problems with proper methodology and logical analysis.

Related jobs in computer science include software engineers, software testers, graphic designers, and systems analyst by which all of them require substantial knowledge on programming.